Meet Me There

Having had an easy time writing for last week’s Friday Fictioneers, the cosmic balance saw me struggling to write this time out.  I’ll point the finger in equal measure at both fatigue and an over-abundance of ideas.  The photo prompt this week was exciting for me insofar as I saw an opportunity to make a link, however tenuous it might be, to a story featuring some of my cyberpunk/future-noir characters and their attendant settings and atmosphere.  I love this stuff, so it’s super difficult for me not to write in great depth about neon reflecting in rainslick streets populated by throngs of people right off the set of Blade Runner.  Writing a piece of approximately 100 words was challenging to say the least.

Anyway, here is this week’s photo prompt, kindly provided by Madison Woods:

Madison’s story, along with links to all the other Friday Fictioneers stories, can be found at:

I hope you enjoy the story.  As always, any feedback, comments and thoughts are always appreciated 🙂

‘Meet Me There’

The Enclave hacker was a confusion of biotech and cybernetics, humanity forsaken in the pursuit of bleeding edge performance in the net.  Her one remaining eye regarded Masden expectantly through a neon lit haze of stratified opium smoke.  He slid the required data chip across the table.

“Take me to her.”

Cherry’s virtual space resembled a private park, secreted at the fringe of Neo-Tokyo.  The diminutive foxgirl wrapped him in an enthusiastic embrace, her vulpine ears and tail twitching with delight. Masden felt his heart swell.

“I got away, Masden. You saved me. I’m beyond the reach of the Scarlet Union now. Remember this place: the bench, the tunnel. Meet me there.”