‘The Sack of Mycovia’

The following was first featured on my original blog at:


I’m reposting it here as it feels like it’ll be more at home.  Here goes:

Below is my entry to Madison Woods’s #FridayFictioneers.  The idea is to write a piece of flash fiction (in this case, a piece of approximately 100 words) prompted/inspired by the following image:

The original image, along with a full explanation of the Friday Fictioneers concept, can be found at:


I’d like to extend my thanks to Madison for the inspiration 🙂

Here’s the story (Any comments/feedback would be appreciated; I am always trying to improve):

The Sack of Mycovia

 Behind wax sealed eyes, the Crooked Seers discovered Mycovia in fevered dreams. They whispered furtively to the Undying Emperor and told him tales of a hidden race of mushroom people.  With a languid gesture of his desiccated hand, he dispatched his most feared abominations to bring him Mycovian specimens for his terrible menagerie.

On dark wings they flew, riding a fetid wind, wielding chitinous spears and filling the night with eldritch cries.  They left Mycovia desolate, clutching their diminutive captives in pulsating mucus sacks.  Below, unseen by shifting eyes, Mycovia’s chosen remained concealed beneath loam. They would endure, as they always had.

 Copyright © A. Flood 2012


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